We’re here for them: Chefs restaurants still feeding federal workers affected by Trump shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 08: Chef José Andrés onstage at the DC Central Kitchen 15th Annual Capital Food Fight on November 08, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for DC Central Kitchen's Capital Food Fight)

Campaign Action

When chef José Andrés said he’d feed federal workers in the nation’s capital affected by Donald Trump’s government shutdown for as long as needed, he meant it. Six of the chef’s restaurants in the area have been serving free sandwiches or other meals to workers every day, and “are able to accommodate vegetarians if needed,” WTOP reported.

It’s a world of difference from the actions of the president, who said he’s proud to own a shutdown he created over a racist campaign chant/wall that he’s also claimed already exists—and that our neighbors to the south were supposed to pay for. But there is no wall, and Mexico isn’t paying for shit. What is also clear is that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to what Trump is doing.

Only 25 percent of Americans said they supported Trump shutting down the government over a border wall,” a new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds, while “only 35 percent said they supported including money for the border wall in a congressional spending bill.” Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers have spent Christmas, and now New Year’s, without pay.

Unable to depend on the president, the chef—who has also carried out humanitarian missions during both natural and man-made disasters—wants workers to know they can depend on him. “For us, we’re in the business of making people happy,” said Farhad Haq, a manager at one of Andrés’ Washington, D.C. restaurants. “We just want people to know that we’re here for them—whatever they need.” 

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