Did Baby Number 2 Slow Our Progress? Q3 – 2018 Net Worth Update

Check-In Time!

This makes 11 quarters in a row since I started publishing Net Worth updates on this site and the progress continues to amaze us. Our Net Worth has grown 3X since the end of Q1 2016.  We aren’t doing anything mind-blowing here. There are no mini houses and we aren’t hovering over a can of warmed up beans (although there is some in the chili I am making right now).

It’s the result of incremental action that builds over time.

Before the Number fun, here are some random updates from the AE household

  • Baby AE #2 is here! Everyone is healthy and happy! The transition from one to two went really, really well. Except for the pup, he is craving some attention. It’s tough to break away and play fetch now that it is getting cold and the kids can’t come with. He has decided hole digging is a new hobby, and now that needs to get dealt with before the snow starts.
  • I got to spend 17 days without going to work while on paternity leave and it was AMAZING. Dudes, if your work offers leave, TAKE IT. Help out and bond with your baby, you will not regret it.
  • Re-started the basement finishing project and immediately hit a snag that requires our builder to come back and fix an issue. Hopefully, he stops ghosting me and gets his ass over here. Mrs. AE is not impressed with my progress.

Numbers below!

Sleepy puppy award goes to Simplistic Steph

For anyone that has not seen this done before, I hold myself accountable by posting my net worth progress for everyone to see. I firmly believe there is more value in setting and tracking goals, but like to check in on our progress quarterly.

Q3 – 2018 Net Worth $215188.22 – Up $21,222.28

Breaking down the numbers:

  • Another good quarter – up 9.86% compared to Q2 – 2018.
  • Got some help from the market, the fluctuations are getting fun to watch.  A 1-2% change, up or down, is having a bigger and bigger impact on our balance. It is a little scary to start losing control but that is what it takes.
  • I keep our house at the initial valuation after we built. It has definitely gone up since then but I want to keep the valuation conservative since it is not easy to get at the equity.
  • Continuing to focus on building our brokerage account. Our retirement accounts are getting sizeable for people our age and we want to have easy to access cash at our fingertips if an opportunity arises.
  • We have shifted to caring more about our investment/cash balance as that is the wealth building fuel that gives us options. The equity in our home is great but we need somewhere to live.

Net Worth Quarter by Quarter

Our contributions are still doing more than the market every quarter, which won’t last but it makes the above chart look good. One day a correction will stall out that trend line but until that happens I expect more of the same.

Net Worth Update  – The Good

Student Loans Are STILL Gone FOREVER

We paid the last $7K+ off my student loans in Q1!

I know this was on my last 2 updates, but I am still loving the feeling. It has allowed us to absorb the financial blow of our second child while still socking away significant amounts of money. Cash Flow For Da Win. 

Employee Stock Purchase Plan

My company stock has had an insane year (over 100% gain from my last buy), I cashed out as soon as the blackout period ended and will be funding our Roth IRAs as soon as the check comes. Gotta sock as much as we can away in that long-term tax-free bucket.

Travel Hacking

I will pull detailed numbers at the end of the year, but we have skimmed well over $2,500 by being responsible with credit cards this year (combination of miles and cash back bonuses). It is hard to travel with two small kids so we have made a short-term shift to cash back over miles for now.

On track to max my 401K and both Roth IRAs

This will be the first year we max out a 401k and both Roth IRAs. This is something I didn’t think was possible when I first heard people actually did it a few years ago but here we are.

Net Worth Update – The Bad

Medical Bills

I can’t even keep the bills from the pregnancy/delivery straight anymore. I thought they were done then another $700 bill showed up.

I sat down and tried to figure out if we were charged correctly but I am deeming it impossible. There is a service available through work that helps with medical billing and I might give it a shot. I have no problem paying them if they are right, but I don’t even know which way is up anymore.


Our computer cord died, and instead of paying $60-70 to replace it we just bought a new computer. It has been on our list for a while as our old one was slow as hell and ~6 years old.


Almost doubled the daycare bill (got a small discount on the second child). I know we are getting a good deal compared to other people but it is still expensive (~$18,000/year). Q4 is going to be fully adjusting to the new costs and making sure we can handle our current savings rate without adding too much stress.

Blog Updates

  • I spent  4 days in Florida with an awesome crew at FinCon. There was lots of money talk, ridiculous amounts of craft beer, a pool day and so, so much more. For me, it is more of a vacation than a conference. Being able to talk FIRE and life goals with a bunch of people that enjoy it as much as I do: PRICELESS. I am not going to write up a full post on my experience, but just know I love ya and I lood forward to seeing everyone next year.
  • I did interviews on 3 awesome sites last quarter:  You can read them here: Making Momentum, ESI Money and Physician on FIRE
  • Rockstar Finance syndicated my post Fire Isn’t Just for Bike Wielding Hippies
  • I was on The Wealth Hound podcast: How To “Budget” and Increase Your Income and the Chain of Wealth Podcast: Episode 80 Chris from Apathy Ends
  • If I have time I will finish my ever building notepad of ideas 🙂

Do you track your Net Worth? How was your Q2

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